Sea Value Plc. was established in March 2004 by a group of strategic partners who possesses strong historical track records for more than 40 years in tuna and seafood businesses and contributes exceptional knowledge, skills and technical know-how along the tuna and seafood supply chain to the company. Our partners comprise of Thai leading seafood processors (namely, Wales Group, Thailand Fishery Group (later become a part of Wales Group) and PTN Group), the world leading tuna, sardine, mackerel and other marine raw materials & products sourcing and traders (namely, Itochu and F.C.F. Group).


Sea Value Plc. owns and operates its 3 state-of-the-art tuna processing facilities located in the heart of Thailand seafood and tuna cannery business areas (Samutsakorn and Nakornprathom) under its subsidiaries—Unicord Plc. and I.S.A. Value Co., Ltd.—the two leading tuna processors, 2nd largest in Thailand, with the total current operating capacity of 1,000 tonnes/day.

Unicord Public PLC. Plant 1 Samutsakorn established in 1980 area 168,632 sq.m. production capacity for tuna 500 metric tonnes/day
Plant 2 Samutsakorn established in 2008 area 67,592 sq.m. production capacity for tuna 250 metric tonnes/day
I.S.A Value Co., Ltd. Nakornprathom established in 1989 area 21,975 sq.m. production capacity for tuna 250 metric tonnes/day


Since its establishment, Sea Value Plc. is recognized as one of the top tuna processors in Thailand with full range of fishes related products and has committed to develop, market and deliver excellent quality tuna, sardine, mackerel, salmon and other fishes in various types of packaging formats including value added and ready-to-eat products that meet and exceed consumer expectations with good manufacturing practices, ethical standards and promoted industrial and environmental sustainability. Our varieties of products are ranging from industrial standard to highly customized specifications co-developed and tailed made to customer requirements to meet an ever-changing consumer demands worldwide.

Beside its international sales, marketing and product development based in Thailand, Sea Value Plc. extends its sales, marketing and distribution base to European market via its subsidiary—Sea Value Europe B.V., Located in the Netherlands, to promote close relationship and one-stop services trading term ranging from FOB to DDP, at the customers’ door step, to the entire European market.


In addition to its dedicated processing facilities, Sea Value Plc. promote its control over the surrounding integrated supply chain management via its subsidiary—Borneo Logistics Co., Ltd—providing logistics and transportation services from and to any designated ports in Thailand, its associate—Thepmanee Cold Storage (Mahachai) Co., Ltd.—and its dedicated partner—Eksakhon Cold Storage Co., Ltd.—providing public cold storage. These professional logistic networks are to ensure the freshness and quality of raw materials are maintained during transportation and storage as well as the timely delivery services of the products.