Policy Regarding Shark Finning

Shark finning –the retention of fins and discard of the remaining carcass at sea, is an abhorrent practice which contravenes various international rules and regulations, including:

  • The United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and its International Plan of Action for the Conservation and management of Sharks.
  • The Resolution of a number of other international marine bodies, all of which call for minimizing wasted and discards.
  • Shark-relate conservation and management measure of the tuna regional fisheries management organizations(RFMOs) restrict finning, regardless of fishing vessel gear type, though a proviso that the weight of fins landed cannot exceed 5% of the total shark catch on board.
  • The legislation of several countries requiring that fins remain naturally attached to shark bodies.

    As a founding member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, Sea Value Public Company Limited:

a) Do not endorse the practice of shark finning, which is the retention of any fins while discarding the carcass at sea.

b) Will only purchase from vessel-owning companies that have a published policy prohibiting shark finning on board its vessels.

c) Will not purchase from any vessel that has been found to have finned for 2 years following the date of the most recent finding