ProActive Vessel Register

As ISSF’s conservation Measures if purchasing tuna from large scale purse seine vessels, for all of trips beginning on or after January 1, 2016, ensure that 100% of those vessels are on the ISSF PVR. Additional supply and tender vessels which are used for maintaining a purse seine vessel’s network of drifting FADs at sea will be controlled and register on the PVR. This conversation calls for all ISSF participating companies to register their controlled purse seine vessels and supply and tender vessels on the PVR.

Sea Value has encouraged all of our tuna suppliers to register large-scale purse seine and supply and tender vessels on the PVR and Sea Value has continued to push forward our plan for increasing purchases of tuna from vessels on the PVR.

In 2019, Sea Value Group’s tuna manufacturer received tuna raw material from PVR vessels 100% of all received vessels.

Sea Value encourages tuna caught by longline vessels shall register on the PVR and Sea Value push to increase purchases from longline vessels registered on the PVR.