SeaValue PLC. Was founded in March 2004 as a holding company for two leading tuna processors, I.S.A Value Co., Ltd. and Unicord PLC.

By combining the accumulated experience of the partner, Sea Value PLC. Produces guaranteed excellent quality tuna using the most advanced manufacturing technologies in all our processing facilities. From the sea to the can, we seek high quality raw material and pay special attention to every single step to produce superior products to serve the world’s market.

Sea Value PLC. Provides excellent services and exceeds customer expectations and satisfaction. With a wide range of our successful product, Sea Value PLC. Has delivered outstanding value to our customer and consumers all over the world.

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 I.S.A Value Co., Ltd. has built its expertise in canned tuna through the years. Today, It Produces wide ranges of high quality tuna daily with strict quality control guidelines filled throughout production.

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Since its establishment in 1980, Unicord PLC. has dedicated itself to product development. Unicord’ s canned tuna, pouch tuna, and frozen products are well-accepted throughout the word under more than 350 brand names.

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Sea Value Atlantic S.A.S. is specialized in the production of premium tuna, salmon and some other seafood in both pasteurized as well as sterilized plastic bags for Foodservice and Industrial end user.



1,000 tonnes/day.


With more than thirty years of experience, Sea Value PLC. Has been renowned in the industry for decades and proven itself to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of canned tuna. The key to success is our flexibility and ability to adapt to every specific need for all customers. Our well-trained operational staffs together with dedicated R&D experts possess strong knowledge, background, and expertise in the canned tuna business with the ultimate goal of constantly improving the operation for all our processing facilities. This is to guarantee top quality products to the serve any changes in consumer’s need.


Sea Value PLC. Contributes and gives support in work towards more innovative and sustainable fishing method. The company is one of the founding members of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), whose “scientic fact-finding” approach is being fully supported by major brands and retailers around the world. The goal is to bring fish populations up to biologically safe levels to ensure continuing viability of fisheries, aquaculture, and the fish processing industries. Sea Value OLC. Also works very hard with our supplies to ensure that the fish we put into each can is free from any illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing practice.