Greenpeace ranked Super C Chef as No.1 sustainable brand in Thailand

In the fourth edition of Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Tuna Cannery Ranking, Greenpeace evaluated canned tuna brands in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Only one brand of SeaValue Thailand, Super C Chef, as number 2 and is featured with overall Good (green) rating while other brands are Fair (yellow) and one brand is Poor (red)

As report, Super C Chef, sourced pole and line-caught Yellow fin tuna caught which are sustainable method and avoid being associated with fewer instances of labor abuse.

Furthermore, Super C Chef has strong traceability and transparency and customer information including the manufacturer has certified MSC Chain of Custody certificate and Dolphin safe certificate.

However, Greenpeace Southeast Asia recommends SeaValue could also engage with trade unions or representative workers organizations and support the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brands sold and produced by SeaValue are a traceable and sustainable brand which sold both Thailand and oversea.


Sustainability and Justice on the High Seas: 2020 edition Southeast Asia Canned Tuna Ranking

Greenpeace report on Asian tuna rankings misleading
ATUNA_Greenpeace Report on Asian Tuna Rankings Misleading