Tuna Product

Our human food products range from canned tuna, sardine, mackerel, pilchard and pouch tuna with a wide selection of packing media and styles. With a growing demand for specialized tuna product, we also offer frozen loin, value added, and ready-to-eat products to fulfill the market’s needs. Our premium pet food lines are made with high quality ingredients and various food supplements to assure pet nutritional health.

Sardine & Mackerel

Expertise in the canned tuna business with the ultimate goal of constantly improving the operation for all our processing facilities. This is to guarantee top quality products to the serve any changes in consumer’s need.


Sea Value PLC. provides excellent services and exceeds customer expectations and satisfaction. With a wide range of our successful product, Sea Value PLC. has delivered outstanding value to our customer and consumers all over the world.

Pet Food

 Our pet foods are made from fresh and nutritious ingredients. The manufacturing facilities produces high quality and innovative products, and export worldwide.